The SIGN Directory is an online directory of community services and events for the residents of North Tyneside. It is designed for people to make informed choices in an accessible, user friendly manner.


Please note that due to the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, some of the services listed in the SIGN Directory may not be operating presently.

Our providers have adapted where possible to continue to provide services for residents.

We have created a new search category - Covid-19 Support with sub categories for emotional or practical support (or both).

Please also use our index (from the grey bar) to search for the tags:- Covid, Covid-19, Pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19 practical support and Covid 19 emotional support to find out which services are still operating.

If you are unsure if a service is running we recommend you contact the individual providers to find out more.

How to use this site

The information on this page is provided for residents using the SIGN North Tyneside Directory.

If you are a group or organisation and are looking for help to add your service to the directory, please visit our Provider welcome page.

Do you know what you're looking for?

You can search the SIGN Information Directory by;

  • Using a 'keyword'

  • Selecting a topic category

  • A-Z search of services, events or providers

  • A-Z list of keywords

  • Looking in specific areas using our Map

You can also narrow down your search by focusing on an area of the borough or a distance you are willing to travel using a post code.

Simply enter a word or phrase into the search box on the home page for the service or support you are looking for. This will bring back any related services or events.

You can narrow down your search further by specifying the area of the borough you want to access the service or event in.

Alternatively you can search for what you are looking for using the A-Z search option on the home page. Click on the first letter of the service, group or event you are looking for. This will bring back any related services or events beginning with this letter.

Not sure what you are looking for?

You can browse the SIGN North Tyneside directory by category. Each category will guide you to various areas of support or services including:

  • Living at Home

  • Finding places to live

  • Community and Leisure

  • Staying Safe

  • Support for carers

  • Health and Wellbeing

If you are still having difficulty finding the information or services you need, email the SIGN Directory team.

How to contact a group, service or event

When groups and organisations join the SIGN North Tyneside Directory they are asked to provide contact details so that residents can contact them directly. Most services will have contact details, a telephone number, email address or website, displayed on their service profile, which will enable you to ring them, send them an email or visit their website.