Campaigning To End Loneliness

The SIGN Network wants to help residents of the borough find out about events, groups and activities that take place in their local area - to help them connect with other people and make friends, do things they enjoy and learn new skills, and ultimately reduce their feelings of loneliness.


Due to the ongoing pandemic there will be many services listed in the SIGN directory that are either not able to run or are restricted Please see our new COVID-19 Support category for providers and services still offering assistance. In other cases please contact the providers directly and they can advise you further.

According to a study by the Red Cross in partnership with Co-op, more than nine million adults in the UK are often or always lonely. Research from the Office for National Statistics also found that about one in 20 people always or often felt lonely.

Loneliness can affect any one; it's not just something that affects older people.

The SIGN Network, with the support of North Tyneside Council, wants to let people know about the SIGN North Tyneside Directory - an online directory of events, groups, activities and services in the local area.

How can you help?

  • Use the SIGN Directory online and find out what's happening in your local area. Get involved in a group or an activity and start to feel the benefits of connecting with new people!

  • Tell your friends, neighbours and others about the campaign and the SIGN Directory. Support them to get online if you can.

  • If you run or attend a group, club or activity, tell us about it! You can add it to the SIGN Directory for FREE.

Follow the campaign on social media on twitter using @SignNorthTyne #endlonelinessinnorthtyneside