Does your child have meltdowns or fidget, lack concentration? Do they have feeding/sleep difficulties? Does your child dislike noises, touch, clothing or even school? Sensory processing difficulties (SPD) is not really recognised in the UK at this time although it is in America. It generally affects children/adults who have Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia etc. A lot of parents will know their child suffers from sensory issues but not relate it to SPD and even in some cases put it down to 'naughty behaviour'.

Why not come along to our parent support group? We are a friendly bunch and everyone is made to feel welcome. Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support Group North East England have many members in the area. We operate through a closed Facebook page which is a vital communication link for our families. We post daily tips, arrange outings for our families and free sensory training for parents along with sibling workshops to help them understand their brother/sister's challenging behaviour.

Meetings are approximately every 6 weeks and may at times have guest speakers or we take the children and their siblings to various activities to help with social interaction and of course, their sensory issues. Participation in activities is up to the individual and not mandatory for the group. There is no membership scheme as we are totally self-funded by gaining monies from grants.