Makaton Foundation Workshop for professionals and parents. Makaton, although originally designed for children and adults with learning difficulties, is now used in helping people with a wide range of communication, speech, language and literacy difficulties, including helping babies, toddlers and children whose first language is not English. Makaton is listed by the Communication Trust in its “What Works “ database of evidenced interventions to support children's speech, language and communication.

The Foundation Workshop provides a detailed introduction to the Makaton Vocabulary....

Signs and symbols from Core Vocabulary Stages 1-4 and Additional Vocab (280+ Signs) Research into sign use, symbols design themes, the use and purpose of Makaton, and an overview of alternative systems of communication. Suitable for anyone who wants a comprehensive introduction to signing… parents and professionals. No signing experience needed!

Recent feedback: "Awesome, professional, fun course delivered by and equally awesome, professional, fun dude!" "Loved it!! Peter has made it fun and informative " "Peter's Makaton course was outstanding! He was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. He made the understanding of the course very easy " "Marvellous!"

£125 for Professionals £100 for Students £90 for Parents (includes 4 course manuals, a pocket book of all signs taught and Makaton Certificate)