Working to support people to be in control of their own life

Staff employed by Equal Partnerships would always work to your plan, and support you in the way you feel is the best way. Personalisation Equal Partnerships can work for you to help you if you have your own individual budget, so you can have the life you want to have. We have experience working for people who have their own budgets, and we have worked with these people to make sure everything they have planned to do, has been done.

We can work for you in this way if you want us to. We can support you to: Manage your individual budget, employ, manage, train, support and pay your staff, look at your plan with you to make sure everything you wanted to do, is being done by your team. The help might be to support you to go to your activities, or out socialising, or to your job. The support might also be with things such as keeping your home nice, and managing everything you need to do to make this happen. The support might be to help you with your own care, such as personal care, and help with your tablets, and using your wheelchair, or any other things you may use.

Supported Living If you do not have an individual budget Equal Partnerships could work for you by offering you the same quality of support as we would if you had your own budget. The way we would do this would be if your local authority paid for your support directly to us, instead of you having your own budget. We would still believe in the same things and we would work for you in the way you want us to work for you, once this was agreed with the local authority.

Working Lives. We understand how important having a job is in our lives, and we have invested in one of our team becoming a job coach, so we have good skills to support anyone who wants this kind of support in their wish to get a job. These skills can also be used for anyone who wants to begin to get into volunteering roles to gain experience that will help them to get employment.

Housing Support Equal Partnerships is experienced in working with housing providers, and will help you to manage your housing and to keep your tenancy well.

Equal Partnerships can: Help you live in your house in the community by offering support to run your home, pay your bills, keep your home nice, cook your favourite meals, and get to know your community and neighbourhood.

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