Loan equipment are items of equipment that can be loaned and used to help you carry out everyday tasks and may be used in conjunction with adaptations to your home. (For information on Adaptations please see our Adaptations Service entry)

Some examples of Loan equipment are:-

  • Walking Frames

  • Bath boards

  • Shower chair

  • Bathlift

  • Commode

  • Seating

  • Profiling bed

How do you arrange to get a piece of loan equipment?

Appropriate Social Services, housing and Northumbria healthcare trust staff are responsible for assessing your needs and arranging loan equipment. If you think this services could help you, an assessment of your needs will need to be carried out.

To find out about eligibility, please contact 0191 643 2777 to discuss your needs further.

If you have already been assessed as needing equipment, your request is being processed and you would like more information please contact ALES on 0191 643 7050