We offer small, targeted alternatives to mainstream education for students at risk of expulsion. These placements are referred through the schools or PALS and offer an informal educational environment away from the classroom setting


We run a small cottage garden centre, with volunteers, people with different abilities and mental health issues and D.W.P. placements working alongside the students. The Students have a variety of garden based tasks to work on, including landscaping, path building, painting, digging, DIY construction and plant care. If students show skills or specific interests in any areas of the garden we will encourage this interest and work with students to closely ensure their interests and skills can grow and develop in a supported way.


As well as a very practical vocational experience, we offer students the opportunity to work in an environment that supports their personal growth and development. Our expertise is based round working with the uniqueness of each individual. As a result, we tend to attract those students who are experiencing difficulty in mainstream education and who present with behavioural challenges or Individual Care Plans.

Digital Music

Sometimes referred to as 'DJ School', we are running this new course in partnership with highly experienced musicians. The course will cover all aspects of digital music and DJ skills. The emphasis will be on students building their self-confidence, finding their own style and developing the essential core skills needed to create some amazing sounds and help shape the music scene of the future.