Thrive is a day care project for people with additional needs who want to have meaningful experiences in a warm, friendly and supportive work environment

Anyone who has a additional support needs and is over 16 can come to us for a fulfilling and fun day. We run a busy garden and a joinery workshop based in a thriving community centre. We know that everyone is different and we offer choice and control to support people to develop their independence through a varied range of activities.

We have an integrated, diverse team in a safe space that is accessible and available for everyone. We do not run a segregated service, people with disabilities work alongside other placements and volunteers. Our focus is on the enjoyment of different jobs; sharing hobbies and interests together. We offer a range of tasks and projects for everyone to get involved in; everyone works together on their chosen projects regardless of their background, ability or experience.

It is our goal to develop potential so people can flourish in a safe and realistic work setting. We are a modern support service where people choose what jobs they want to do and we provide the support they need to complete them. We are person centred in our approach and led as much as possible by everyone who comes here.

The service is available Monday to Friday 10am to 3.00pm.

We accept referrals from across the region so contact with us to arrange a tour and a chat to see if we are right for you.

Thrive is a chargeable service. Prices start from £3 depending on the activity and level of support. Anyone who needs more support should get in touch and we can chat about your needs to negotiate a suitable and affordable level of support.

We are currently working under different circumstances and ensure we are Covid secure. We limit participants to bubbles of 5 and ensure they are working in areas that have been cleaned and sanitized before and after the activity. Staff will wear appropriate ppe during the sessions.