NHS Choices was launched in 2007 and is the official website of the National Health Service in England.

With over 48 million visits per month, we have become the UK's biggest health website accounting for a quarter of all health-related web traffic. We strive to be a world-leading, multi-channel service for everyone engaging with the NHS and social care.

NHS Choices provides an award-winning, comprehensive health information service with thousands of articles, videos and tools, helping you to make the best choices about your health and lifestyle, but also about making the most of NHS and social care services in England.

Our service directories let you find, choose and compare health, support and social care services in England. We also publish reviews and ratings across health and social care services.

Where possible we offer online transactional services that should make your interaction with the NHS much simpler.

NHS Choices also publishes daily analysis of health-related stories that make the news.

Social media is an important part of the NHS Choices service, reaching up to 3 million people a month via Facebook, Twitter and video channels such as YouTube.

Information on the site is freely available to everyone, and we syndicate content to over 600 partner websites, including over 200 NHS organisations, Boots, Mumsnet and Microsoft.

You can visit NHS choices here

Please note, as NHS choices is an online service, you cannot contact NHS choices by telephone, the number supplied on this record is false please do not use this. Please also note that NHS choices is delivered from a central location and is not located at North Tyneside Council.