Whilst Covid-19 meant that we had to put our school engagement projects and memory cafes on hold, it luckily didn't stop us keeping busy researching some great stories of North Shields and the fish quay.

Trustee and volunteer Dave Young turned that research into a 3 Act script for an Audio Drama set in the mid- 19th century about Edward Jennings who was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Local writer and volunteer to our project, Sue Miller stepped in to write an introduction, which set the scene to the audio drama, and the rest is history (so to speak).

Local actors, Harriet Ghost and Micky McGregor (from Blowin a' Hooley Theatre), together with Pete Ross, played the main characters as we headed off to Blank Studios in Newcastle to record the piece. We had Sound Engineer Corrie Livesey to help us record the script, and Sound Designer Matthew Tuckey to add sound effects, music and a whole host of magic to produce the finished drama!

With historian, author and broadcaster John Grundy reading Sue's introduction, and narrating the overall story, Dave Young couldn't resist 'treading the boards' and appearing briefly in a couple of the acts himself!

Why not get yourself a cuppa, put your headphones on, and have a listen to an amazing story of how an Irish farmers Son was evicted from his land, found his way to India, was awarded the VC, and ended up as a 'scavenger' (road sweeper) for the council in North Shields.