Creative Support is a charitable organisation who promotes the independence, inclusion and wellbeing of people with care and support needs. We do this by working with the people we support, their families and partner agencies to deliver innovative, high quality services that meet individual needs and aspirations in a person-centred way.

Our Philosophy and Aims

Creative Support is committed to a person-centred philosophy of service delivery. Key elements are as follows: •To promote rights, opportunity, choice and wellbeing •To offer respect and unconditional positive regard to the people we support •To use an assets and strengths-based approach which builds upon the abilities, resources, preferences and aspirations of service users •To provide personalised, compassionate care which protects the self-esteem, dignity and safety of the people we support •To provide active support which promotes the skills and independence of individuals •To be accountable and committed to providing high quality, safe, evidence-based care and support which achieves positive outcomes •To promote service user empowerment, involvement and co-production in all aspects of service design, delivery and evaluation •To facilitate meaningful activities, social opportunities and relationships, build social networks and encourage informal family and peer support, thereby reducing reliance on formal services •To create pathways towards education, training, volunteering and paid employment •To enable people to enjoy a valued lifestyle, to be active citizens and be fully included in their communities •To add social value to all our activities through working in partnership, engaging with communities and contributing to local social, environmental and economic strategies


This provider offers the following services:

Beardall Court