What is Equal Partnerships?

Equal Partnerships is a limited company that has been set up by two people who have lots of years experience working for people who have a learning disability. We believe that, all people who have a learning disability should have the life they want to have. We believe that everyone is born within his or her own society, and everyone has the absolute right to play a full role in his or her society and local community.

To do this some people may need support.

Equal Partnerships is a small company who can work for you to arrange your support in the way you want it to be. Equal Partnerships has lots of experience working for people to make sure they have the life they want to have.

Equal Partnerships can work for you to help you with your plan to:

  • Have the life you want to have

  • Live where you want to live

  • Live with the people you want to live with

  • Have the things to do during the day you want, such as working, going to college or anything else you want to do

  • Keeping your friends and family in your life, and making new friends

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