Azure Charitable Enterprises is registered with the Charities Commission, it is a not for profit organisation that is part of the Voluntary Sector. Azure is committed to providing services to people with a learning disability to develop their skills and have a positive presence in the local community. Azure complies with all relevant legislation including the Health and Social care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010, and the care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009, Finance Act 2012 and all pertinent Employment Law. Azure’s commitment extends to providing an environment where staff development is nurtured and in which fulfilling careers may be pursued. Azure mission is: ‘Improving the lives of people who are disabled or disadvantaged’ Azure will work with people who have a disability to maximise their quality of life, life chances and personal development. We are committed to: Recognised individuality and treating everyone with respect. Identifying and responding appropriately to unmet needs. Vigorously pursuing high standards and quality in all activities. Openness and accountability. Effective use of resources. Development of worthwhile and productive partnerships with others. Azure Support Services aims to provide a supportive environment that enables individuals to develop their skills, independence and potential. Azure supports adults and young people to develop their interests and independence in all aspects of their lives enabling fulfilled opportunities to be achieved. The support covers community based support in leisure and employment and also tenancy and social related support to people living in their own homes. Support Services work within a number of local authorities, our primary ones being Northumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle and Sunderland. The nature of services provided and eligible groups: Azure provides support services in Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle. The housing and support are sometimes linked whilst in others the support and the provision of the houses are separate. The houses are owned by a range of Housing Associations and it is them who issue the tenancy agreements. In some services, Azure acts as the managing agent on behalf of the Housing Association. Within all the housing services the tenants must be 18 years or over. Support can be provided for as little or as much is needed to enable the individual to live as independently as possible. Some services provide 24 hour support with waking night staff, others with a member of staff being on call and some services have staff available only within agreed times of the day. We aim to be as flexible as possible and tailor the service and support to the needs, wishes and aims of the individual. There is an out of office hours on-call support built into the service provision where staff can contact managers to seek advice relating to clients needs/welfare that arise as either an emergency or a matter that is not covered within the usual support provision. Azure’s Community Access department offers a flexible service to people ages 13 years and over who have a disability or are disadvantaged. The predominant client group is Learning Disability; however, this service provides support to people with other needs. The support aims to enable people to access community resources of their choice, to develop social links and skills and have worthwhile and meaningful leisure based activities. Staff can also provide support to help people manage their tenancies or home life responsibilities. Whilst Community Access does not, in general, provide personal care, this is a service that can be provided if requested. The Community Access staff can also provide support to enable people to access employment opportunities. Within all aspects of Azure’s Support Services it is the aim to improve and enhance the individual’s social inclusion and quality of life. Azure does not target its services to people who have a history of offending behaviour. The service is not accessible to people who are alcohol and or substance dependant and/or are violent in their behaviour.


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