We are an organisation that provides care and support to people living in their own homes or who wish to remain in their own home at a time of ill health or recovery from an accident, injury or illness. We can provide personal and practical support either through referral from a local authority, direct payment or private arrangement, tasks and support include personal and intimate care, food preparation, medication monitoring, household tasks, escorting to appointments, community socialisation, bathing/showering, sitting services and over-night care.

Our staff are all qualified to a minimum of level 2 in social care, but the majority have achieved or are working towards a level 3 or above.

We support people with a physical disability, who have a cognitive impairment/dementia like illness, dual sensory impairment (are deaf/blind, blind or deaf). This is not an exhaustive list and we are happy to talk to anyone who thinks they may benefit from support or from some carer relief. We see our role in the community is as important to those supporting spouses/relatives/friends and neighbours and the person needing support themselves.