North Tyneside Coalition of Disabled People is an organisation run by disabled people for disabled people. Officers and Executive Management Committee Members have executive voting rights and are made up exclusively of disabled people. Steering groups and specific development committees are formed or supported to drive specific issues forward with the Coalition establishing the necessary infrastructural mechanisms to be able to support such undertakings when and where needed and at whatever level is required.

Our aims and objectives are :-

To ensure that disabled people have equal rights and to promote the welfare of disabled people through campaigning and consultation with a wide range of authorities, agencies and organisations at all levels and to influence local, national and European governments on policies relating to disability issues.

To act as a catalyst on many issues relating to disability to enable the subject to be raised, debated and acted upon by a host of different organisations from all sectors.

To develop partnerships between the voluntary, statutory and private sectors.

To be involved with social and health related issues, access, education, training, transport and housing at local, regional, national and European levels.

To enable disabled people to achieve independence by initiating changes in society to remove barriers that prevent this progress.

To provide information to individuals and organisations on matters relating to disability issues.


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Authorised RDAR Key Distributor
Local, Regional & National Information Service

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