We are specialist publishers of local health, community and family guides and handbooks.

We create and publish the Golden Guide for Over 50s in Newcastle and North Tyneside, (and also in Northumberland.)

This free handbook carries hundreds of local contacts, a wealth of practical information and how to get help from the experts.

We update the book annually in July, and are happy to hear from organisations with services, facilities or events for over 50s with a view to potentially including them in the listings.

We are also happy to have feedback from readers about suggestions for inclusion, or comments about anything missed out, or needing updating. Please get in touch and let us know.

Content includes

Out and About.....social networks, leisure activities and hobbies, sport, volunteering and lifelong learning

Home & Community....home maintenance, energy-saving ideas, and personal and home security tips.

Health and Wellbeing....medical and social care contacts, health support groups and advocacy.

Finding Out About Care....finding support to live independently, housing options and contacts for carers.

Money Matters....pensions, welfare benefits, and where to find help with tax, debt, legal or consumer issues.


Guides go out through Adult Social Care teams, Care and Connect service, Libraries, Hospital reablement teams, GP surgeries, some Pharmacies, Charities and groups such as Age UK, RVS, North Tyneside Carers, Healthwatch, Alzheimer's Society and more.


This provider offers the following services:

Golden Guide for Over 50s, Newcastle and North Tyneside