The Cedarwood Trust is a pastoral care Community Development organisation. It was established in 1980 by local people, North Tyneside Council and the Church of England in response to the needs of the people of the Meadow Well Estate.

Based in the centre of the Estate, the project is the only facility of its kind in the area and therefore a vibrant focal point for the community. Open to all regardless of age, sex, creed, sexuality or ability, the Cedarwood Trust is built around a volunteering strategy and a commitment to improve the quality of life for those from the Meadow Well Estate.

Our focus continues to be upon those most disenfranchised within society, the Meadow Well Estate is consistently in the bottom 1.25% in terms of deprivation, and in terms of income deprivation the Estate is in the bottom 0.3% nationally - our vision is to change this through focussed action. The Trust exists to challenge the inequalities which reduce the life chances and life expectancy of residents of the Meadow Well, building the confidence and aspiration of individuals towards the achievement of their own potentials.

The Trust offers activities and services which contribute to this aim. These include information, advice and guidance, play activities, parenting skills, community development and listening activities, healthy eating etc.

Our vision is of a vibrant, sustainable community where individuals support each other towards their own potentials. A place where everyone is valued for who they are. This gave us a clear direction for the work and the ability to measure what and why we deliver our work in the way we do.