Here at Higher Effect CIC, we offer revolutionary, behavioural change services, which utilise state of the art intervention models, not available any where else in the North East. Simply put, if you want greater wellbeing, healing and movement towards your goals in life, we can get you there, faster than anyone else.

Our services are high in quality, effectiveness and innovation. We have successfully helped everyone who has worked with us and everyone has been fully satisfied with the changes they have made. Subject to our Terms and conditions which are available on request.

So if it's boosting your self esteem and confidence, or moving away from negative mental health symptoms, or enhancing your focus, performance and happiness levels, find us on Facebook as our website it having an overhaul.

It is really hard to imagine our services because they are so new, lets just say you can let go of years of guilt in 30 minutes, decades of chronic old pain in 120 minutes and feeling flat, down or totally stuck in 60 minutes.

Our wellbeing effects are deeper, higher and more profound than anything traditional. New things, require an open mind. Message us on Facebook and let go of your suffering, once and for all!!