Family Gateway is a local charity that provides whole family support to families who are in or at risk of poverty or who are experiencing difficulties. Our aim is to improve life chances for children and to support families to become resilient, confident, employable and secure. We deliver our intensive home-based whole family support using our unique Barefoot Professional model which means that we employ those who have had the same or similar experiences as those we support, meaning that we are most likely to engage people with barriers to working with professionals and services and we can also develop deep relationships and trust. Our programmes include working with families with multiple and complex needs to overcome issues and move towards fulfilling lives and employment, working with schools to improve attendance and achievement for children, supporting families with cancer who are also experiencing poverty-related issues, working with families to avoid children moving into Looked After Care, improving health and wellbeing through sport and activity and much more. We operate from Howdon Hub where we deliver a wide range of community based activities and events for local people.


This provider offers the following services:

Families and Cancer Project