Welcome to Risedale

You are changing home and therefore may feel nervous or apprehensive, but please don't! We at Risedale Rest Home understand exactly how you feel and are here to make you feel completely at home!

Our Staff

Our staff are fully trained and are committed to deliver the very best of care to all residents. We are all very approachable and we take our residents' satisfaction and well-being very seriously.


Risedale is situated in an excellent location in the heart of Whitley Bay. It is very close to the sea front, local shops and both metro and bus stations. Thinking of staying at Risedale

We are a small friendly residential care home, where individual care is of paramount importance.

All prospective residents are welcome to spend a day with us so you can be sure that we are right for you.

Trial Period

Residence in the home for the first four weeks is on a trial basis, if during that time or at the end of the period either the resident or the home management regard the arrangement is unlikely to be satisfactory for the long term, residence can be terminated with reasonable notice on either side and the resident will vacate the home at an agreed time.

Once you have decided to stay at Risedale and are successful in the routine interview for all new residents, we will be happy to have you stay with us for as long as you wish. Both long and short stays are possible


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Risedale Rest Home

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