If your services ARE running during the pandemic please update your content to reflect this.

If your services are NOT running please update your content to reflect this.

We have a new search category you can be placed in as Covid-19 Support with sub categories for emotional or practical support (or both).

Please also use the or add the search tags Covid, Covid-19, Pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid 19 practical support, Covid 19 emotional support

Service Provider Information

The SIGN North Tyneside Directory allows you to add your organisation, service, group or activity in order to promote the services that you offer. Adding your service, group or activity to the SIGN North Tyneside Directory is FREE of charge.

You can add information about the services you provide as well as any events you hold for residents of North Tyneside. By adding information about what you provide, where you provide it and when you provide it, as well as your contact information, residents can contact you directly to enquire about your services.

Please click HERE to request login details for your service on the SIGN Directory. You will be asked to select a username and password so that an account can be created for you.

Once you have been granted access you can login to the SIGN Directory Administration area where you will be able to edit information related to your service at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I include in the Directory?

As a Provider you should include details about who you are, what you do and how and where you deliver services. If you already have promotional materials it is useful to use descriptions you already use to keep your information consistent.

You have up to 3000 characters to enter information; however it's better to keep this brief for the reader.

You can create as many services as you like. You might want to think about the main activity you do and break down your services individually. Any services you create will be linked to your profile.

You can add events to the Directory but you must first add your service, as all events are linked to services. Please note, any new services or events you add will need to be approved by administrators before being added to the Directory. We aim to act on all requests within 3 working days.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any information you provide is accurate and up to date, and that you are entitled to and have consent to submit the information you provide. Further information can also be found in the Provider Terms and Conditions.

If you are still uncertain about how best to present your details please contact the SIGN Directory Team and we can assist you.

Can other people have administrator rights?

Yes, you can invite other people in your organisation or group to have access to create, edit or remove services and events. You can invite them by e-mail in the Provider section of the Dashboard. Only the primary administrator can invite others, this is usually the person who set up the account.

The person you invite will receive a verification E-mail and access an invite welcome screen. They must agree to the Terms and Conditions by checking the box before gaining access to the shared Dashboard.

What if a service or event ends or reaches capacity?

You have control over your own information for both services and events and you can 'un-publish' a service or event to remove it from public view or you can delete it.

Events include start and end dates and times. They will automatically be removed after the end date/time has passed.

What if my service or event is not approved?

All services and events created in the Directory must first be approved before they are made visible to the public. If any entry is declined for approval we will give an explanation for our decision. We can also work with you, if appropriate, to support your content.

How do I keep content up to date?

You can look at and edit your content at any time. Your content will be reviewed every 3 months; you will receive a reminder to check your content remains accurate. If you do not respond to reminders, then your services will be removed from public view. This ensures we can keep the content as up to date for the public as possible.

Please note that creating a provider, service or event will require approval, these details will not appear on the Directory until they have been approved by the SIGN Directory team during normal business hours.

When you edit the details of previously approved and published material this does not require approval, however the SIGN Directory team are made aware that changes have been made and may contact you if any issues arise.

How long does approval take?

We aim to act on all requests within 3 working days. Please contact the SIGN Directory team if you have any queries.