In order to maintain social distancing you must have a permit and an appointment to use our Household Waste Recycling Centre ("the tip").

Permits issued prior to the 6th May 2020 are no longer valid.

There is a very high demand for permits. We are therefore limiting the number of permits per household. This limit will be reviewed regularly. Households are entitled to four permits for use between 11th of May and 8th of June. This will give North Tyneside residents a fair opportunity to visit the tip.

Before you apply:

  • Permits are for household waste only.
  • Permits are for North Tyneside residents only.
  • Permits are not issued for commercial waste. This includes waste from landlords or their tenanted properties. It is illegal for business to dispose of waste at this site.

Before you set off to the tip:

  • The person whose name and address is on the permit must be present at the tip, even if someone else is driving.
  • You will be asked for proof of address and to confirm that the waste is from a North Tyneside domestic property.
  • There is no pedestrian access to the tip.

Please note that a North Tyneside Council customer account is required in order to use this service. If you do not already have one, you will be able to create a free account at the start of the process.